In het illustere rijtje voetbalclubs van FC Barcelona, Atletico,  Juventus en Manchester City wordt vandaag om 13.00 uur ook het Nederlandse Fortuna Sittard toegevoegd. De Limburgse voetbalclub is de eerste in ons land, die net als de grotere buitenlandse voetbalclubs, een eigen digitale ‘fantoken’ $FOR zal lanceren.

Fortuna’s own ‘Bitcoin’ comes from the club’s innovative owner, Isitan Gün. The currency itself runs on the basis of the underlying system of Socios . This system is currently being used by more clubs to build their own digital currency, such as FC Barcelona and Juventus.

Control within the Fortuna Sittard

In the beginning, the Fortuna Sittard coin will mainly be used to let fans decide on certain matters in the club. According to spokesman Jurjen van Geel, “ not the same decisions that are made in the chair, but like the new player bus, where the token holders can choose from 3-4 options. The choice made by the token holders is really leading in this.

Een unieke manier voor de club, om op innovatieve wijze te verbinden met haar trouwe fans. Niet alleen door ze mee te laten beslissen over zaken, maar in de toekomst kan men bijvoorbeeld ook unieke content, ‘meet en greets’ en digitale verzamelobjecten, zogenaamde NFTs’, aanbieden. Volgens Van Geel “zullen we hier ons na de succesvolle lancering samen met het team van over buigen”

Of the total of 1 million virtual Fortuna coins, 100,000 are sold today for € 1.50 to loyal fans via the underlying technology platform Socios. The first 6 hours fans are allowed to buy a maximum of 10 per person, after that the maximum is 100, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to buy the tokens.

More and more own crypto coins

Should the launch today be a great success, there is of course a good chance that more Dutch clubs will follow. We already see abroad that there are many clubs that start with their own cryptocurrency to generate more involvement with the fans. As the technology behind digital currency also becomes more known in our country, more clubs will follow that follow Fortuna Sittard.

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